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These challenging and uncharted times call for a uniquely demonstrative measure of compassion and kindness.

We will all be called upon, in many individual ways, to show leadership and community-mindedness. In situations that have yet to unfold in the months ahead.

While Covid-19 runs its course, SKOON. intends to contribute to a spirit of positivity and responsible citizenship, by continuing on our path of impeccably clean, kind, ethical, science-based production. And by ensuring that our highly sanitized laboratory protocols are bolstered with extra santizing measures – including: 

  • Dividing our factory resources in two identical, duplicate teams – on two sides that are contactless. We’ve done this so that, in the event that a member of either team has to self-isolate, the second skilled team can take over and continue manufacturing  products. 
  • In addition to our usual stringent factory protocols, we’ve provided all staff with sanitizing products for their personal use at home, helping to ensure a virus-free chain from home to factory.
  • We have increased the frequency of routine sanitation and hand-washing as well as the cleaning of all surfaces at the start and finish of every operational process. 
  • We are doing daily temperature checks. Any of our people who show signs of a fever or raised temperature will be asked to self-isolate.
  • Our people have been instructed to stay home from work if they even suspect any form of sickness, and have been encouraged to get tested for COVID-19.
  • We are implementing work-from-home protocols and systems that optimise for successful collaborative off-site operational participation, across the management team.
  • Little things count. Our staff are under strict instructions to take their lunch outside in the farm fresh air and sunshine. Research has proven that fresh air is a natural disinfectant and sunshine is germicidal. This article, with lessons from the 1918 Influenza pandemic, provides some interesting insights on that principle. Read more


While you might prefer to shop from home at this time, we would also like to assure you that all packaging materials that you come into contact with are hygienically sealed and pre-sanitised. When you sign for your goods from our courier services, delivery is contactless. Our courier services have been briefed on handling procedures.

These are some of the small steps which, during this period of touch-sensitive transmission, are key to protecting both our loyal service providers, our people, and you. 

Should any of our valued people report symptoms, they will follow all the above-mentioned - strict but compassionate - protocols to protect themselves, their families, fellow staff members, as well as the safety of our packaging and production facilities. Our mantra at work is ‘rather safe than sorry’ – and our people know they have the freedom to self-isolate at their discretion, without reprisal.


It’s precisely at this kind of juncture, when all of humanity, across so many cultures and nations, is being asked to take special care of  both themselves, as well as those who are less able to care for themselves, that calm, personal daily rituals helps restore sanctity.

Please do stick to the rules – ie. washing and sanitising your hands as often as you can (and especially before touching your face) – and while your hands are clean, keep ‘’ with the products you enjoy, can trust, and make you feel good.

Please take care, and respond with kindness to those who are vulnerable. Panic is not helpful. Rather take pleasure in quiet, personal rituals, and be assured that if you have any concerns, I am here to offer honest answers, as quickly as possible.


Stay kind. Be well.


Thandi Mbulaheni





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