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360° skincare starts in the gut.

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SKOON. Inside & Out.


Our products are not tested on animals. Neither are our individual raw ingredients. This means each of our suppliers has to supply an Animal Testing Declaration. For all ingredients – no exceptions.


We aim to live up to our name – “clean” beauty. We care about the ingredients we put into our products so you don’t have to worry about what you put onto your skin. Our formulations are free from obvious toxins and controversial synthetics.


High-tech and natural ingredient synergy. Our selection of ultra-powerful actives includes unique South African plant species, well known for their heightened antioxidant concentration. These are combined with Swiss and French phyto-compounds for highly effective skincare.

Made in Cape Town

Our products are produced in our own green factory on a farm in the Cape by an in-house chemist and his team. This means we have control over the process from farm-to-jar.

Calm, balance, boost & firm, from within.

Hydration. The other must.

We have four true beauties. What'll it be? There's one for every kind of skin 


The game-changer.

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