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About the brand.

Our way is all about
having your cake and eating it!

We go after the best nature has to offer. And we believe in science.
Most of all, we believe in Good Formulating practices and Good Manufacturing practices – making 100% sure nothing gets into our products that shouldn’t be there.

In making skincare effective, practice really does make perfect.

Although perfection isn’t top of our list at SKOON. We aim for something much better.

You feeling healthy and happy in the skin you’re in.

Made in
Cape Town.

We’re a 13 women-strong company (and couple of great guys), working hard to offer more conscious choices to people who want to push this world forward.

We work in a Cape farm laboratory with hard earned environmental credentials. This means no emissions – and a hard line on waste. Every last drop of oil is caught before we release any run-off. Our lab is temperature controlled to perfection, but for the rest of us, fresh farm breezes are our aircon.

Our products are
not tested on animals.


Neither are our individual raw ingredients. Each of our suppliers must provide an Animal Testing Declaration. For all ingredients – no exceptions.

We think kindness should be more than good intention though. We need to live it. We’re proud to announce our POPPETS initiative to help our furry friends.

Our formulations are free from obvious toxins
and controversial synthetics.


We care about the ingredients we put into our products so
you don’t have to worry about what you put on your skin.

Our promise.

When formulating, we follow the Environmental Working Group’s strict guidelines – there’s no compromise when it comes to clean beauty.

In being and staying clean, our goals are big and hairy. One example: by 2022, we aim to phase 100% out of plastic and into glass.

FYI: all our current plastic packaging is BPA free.

We really push the limits,
in formulating.


We really do go the extra mile in formulating. Fortunately, we don’t have to go too far though! The Cape Floral Kingdom is in our back yard. Ultra-powerful actives include unique South African species – like rooibos, honeybush and buchu – all from this plant paradise, and well known for heightened antioxidant concentration. We combine these with Swiss and French phyto-compounds, for highly effective skincare.

Health has never been more important. Ditto for skin. Certain ingredients make going the extra just so much more rewarding. We love that our products contain vitamins and minerals like A + C and Vitamin E, Zinc, Magnesium and more.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We do believe in an effective, flexible range that makes you feel happy in your own healthy, good feeling skin.