Our DNA Journey

Hello, This question I get asked the most.

What can I do to look younger?

My answer. How much time do you have…?

 In 2018 I became aware of DNA testing. I had just turned 50 and my health inexplicably went South. No rhyme or reason. I ran from one doctor to the next, trying (and failing!) to get answers. Eventually, exhausted, perpetually unwell, with grey skin, brittle nails and hair that just stopped growing, I did my first DNA test.

What a revelation! I used my own genetic blueprint to guide my changes. Today, 4 years later, I feel happy and healthy in my skin. Do I look thirty, or even forty? Nope, but my skin has a soft glow, my hair is shiny and my nails healthy and unchipped. I feel good in the skin I am in.

I decided early on in my journey that I wanted this discovery for SKOON. customers. When Thandi (our CEO) joined in 2019, I pushed her to do a DNA test. Thandi has her own testimonial but today I am happy to say we both believe that the science of DNA is going to catapult skincare to the next level.

It is an incredibly proud moment for this (quite young!) indie brand to collaborate with DNAnalysis. This is the laboratory where I did my first test, way back in December 2018 and Thandi hers in 2019. Their science is only outshone by their ethical approach and we are very excited to launch SKIN GENIE DNASkin® in collaboration with Dr. Danny Meyersfeld and his superb team.

Thandi and I invite you to join us on this exciting journey to discover the best skin you could possibly be in.

Stella Ciolli 

SKOON. Founder

A word from Thandi

I got my skin DNA tested and it was a real eye-opener.

A whole new approach to skincare.

Like me, your initial thoughts are probably ‘what the heck is a SKIN GENIE DNASkin® genetic test?’

SKIN GENIE DNASkin® presents you with the most accurate information based on what your DNA tells you. Instead of waiting for the visible signs of ageing, a DNASkin® test provides a crystal ball that looks into your future, enabling you to slow and even prevent the signs of ageing.

The results are divided into six separate categories: Collagen, Environmental Pollution, UV-ageing, Hyperpigmentation, Breakouts and Sensitivity. Each category shows you sub-categories of the genes responsible for those skin properties, and tips that can help slow down any unwanted visible effects on your skin.

When you first click into your results, it looks like a bunch of science speak and...it is. But the skin consultant took me by the hand and explained the science behind my skin and gut (as I later found out these are closely linked.) My results revealed I have moderate impact on inflammation and collagen - if I consume too many processed foods, the excess sugar sticks to my skin’s collagen and elastin fibres (those things that make your skin look plump and useful), causing them to become weak, which could lead to wrinkles, sagging, breakouts, and a dull complexion.

What I loved most about this test is that after I read my results in each category, I wasn't left hanging. The test then offers various solutions - like using retinol, serums, hyperpigmentation collagen supplements, and azelaic acid mask to slow the advancement of collagen and inflammation. In every category, suggestions range from topical products like hyaluronic acid and vitamin-enriched creams to collagen supplements that help combat wrinkles and ageing.

Overall, I'm so happy that I took the SKIN GENIE DNASKIN® At-Home Test! Not only is it fun to see the genetics behind my skin, but it's also really helpful in figuring out what I should be focusing on. It's revealing, knowing that my skin is only moderately impacted by collagen and inflammation (thanks Mom and Dad!) I also know that I need to cut out more sugar, gluten and dairy, take in more antioxidants, and start using Vitamin C, E, A topicals and Peptides, regularly.

Thandi Mbulaheni