GLOWDROPS Bouncy Skin Face Concentrate

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Introducing SKOON. GLOWDROPS Bouncy Skin Face Concentrate with WHOA-TOX!: Your Pathway to Luxuriously Bouncy, Radiant Skin!

We've taken your cherished favourite Glowdrops and infused it with the latest sensation in beauty. Brace yourself for a WHOA! moment as you immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring universe of ACMELLA OLERACEA ('Electric Daisy' or nature's needle-free line erasure extract) – also known as WHOA-TOX! This pro-collagen powerhouse is poised to dazzle, working its magic to unveil results that leave you spellbound.

Say hello to SKOON. GLOWDROPS Bouncy Skin Face Concentrate – an opulent blend that features the synergy of Golden Baobab Oil, ACMELLA, and Vitamin E. This dynamic trio unveils the magic of instant glossiness and plumping for your skin, igniting a radiance that's simply breathtaking.  

The Marvels Within:

✨ ACMELLA OLERACEA (WHOA-TOX!): Brace yourself for a skin transformation like no other. ACMELLA enchants your skin with a natural needle-free-like effect, unveiling a radiance that's irresistibly youthful and captivating.

✨ Golden Baobab Oil: Immerse your skin in the lavish embrace of Golden Baobab Oil. Experience instant glossiness and a plumped-up feel that leaves your skin gloriously refreshed.

✨ Vitamin E: Infuse your skin with the nurturing touch of Vitamin E. Discover a symphony of antioxidants that protect and revitalise, revealing a complexion that exudes vitality.  

Unveil your most captivating self with GLOWDROPS and WHOA-TOX!. Embrace the journey to skin that's gloriously bouncy, undeniably glossy, and utterly breathtaking.


🎨 Fun Fact: Meet the superstar of skincare - acmella oleracea! Don't be fooled by its name; this botanical wonder is no ordinary plant! Commonly known as 'Electric Daisy or nature's needle-free line erasure extract,' acmella oleracea has a magical ability to smooth and relax your skin, just like a spa treatment without the needle fuss. Get ready to embrace the natural age-defying power of this botanical gem and say hello to a complexion that's as radiant as it is youthful. It's time to let acmella oleracea work its wonders and put a smile on your face!" 😄🌸


Eco-friendly Packaging

Step into the world of sustainable skincare with our exciting new product range, now offering three convenient sizes: 5ml, 15ml, and 30ml, complete with an extra 15ml refill! Embrace the magic of our first-ever sustainable packaging, featuring refillable glass containers that not only offer practicality but also contribute to a greener planet. Elevate your skincare routine while being a part of our mission to create a cleaner, eco-friendly world. Discover the power of sustainability and double the goodness today! 🌱🌍🌿


◦ Intense Hydration
◦ Anti-Aging Properties with natural WHOA-TOX!
◦ Antioxidant Protection
◦ Skin Firming with natural WHOA-TOX!
◦ Regenerates Skin Cells
◦ Brightening Effect
◦ Lightweight and Non-Greasy
◦ Instant skin gloss in 60 seconds
◦ Natural & oil-based
◦ 100% Natural essential oil aroma

Buy SKOON. GLOWDROPS Bouncy Skin Face Concentrate online today!


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