The ultimate skin assistant,
guided by your DNA.

We test your genes so you can invest in your skin’s future &

end blind spending on skincare.

Why do the skin DNA test?

Your genes, age, UV-exposure, environmental pollutants, stress, weight gain/loss and exercise all impact the health and appearance of your skin.

Which one of us has not bought (and discarded!) countless products that didn’t work for our skin? Exactly.

SKIN GENIE DNASkin® looks at how your genes affect skin ageing via exposure to sunlight and excessive pollutants. It looks at how you naturally produce (or underproduce!) collagen, and whether you’re genetically predisposed to acne, pigmentation or sensitivities.

You’ll no longer need to ‘fix’ skin concerns after the fact. Armed with knowledge, you can choose effective products for your unique skin type and concerns. The big plus? You can make proactive skincare decisions to keep your skin healthy and happy. You can also optimize your lifestyle, add ingestible beauty supplements and topical skincare products that really work for you. No more blind spending on skincare.

It’s a 360° holistic approach. The best investment you’ll ever make, for your future skin.

What’ll you learn from your skin DNA report?

The DNA laboratory test examines 22 genetic markers (SNPs) across 6 categories associated with skin health and ageing.

This will help you to make proactive choices - based on your skin's genetic blueprint - with regard to collagen production, environmental pollution, UV-ageing, hyperpigmentation, breakouts and skin sensitivity.

As soon as your report is available, you can book a free 30-minute meet-up online with our SKOON. DNA expert, who’ll explain it in detail.

Your DNASkin lab test examines 22 genetic markers across 6 concerns in skin health + ageing.

Elasticity | Environmental Pollution | UV-Ageing | Hyperpigmentation & Sun Damage | Breakouts | Sensitivities

How does DNASkin testing work?

Genes are segments of your DNA that contain instructions which help your body to make thousands of decisions, all the time.

All of us have similar genes, but each of us also has unique differences, known as genetic variants.

Your personal DNA, with its unique variants, is called your genotype - your special genetic heritage.

The first step is to extract your DNA via a finger prick test. It’s then copied up to several million times, to generate enough DNA to be genotyped.

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