What do consumers say about WHOA-TOX! skin concentrates?

  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles within 14 days
  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles up to 12% after use 28 days of use

*Tested on 20 participants who used WHOA-TOX! twice daily for 28 days

What is a SKOON. skin concentrate?

SKOON.'s skin concentrates are the polar opposite of our water-based serums. Skin concentrates are 100% oil-based blends of natural plant oils enriched with high performance, oil-soluble actives as opposed to water-based serums. 

The name is derived from the fact that concentrates are very - you guessed it - concentrated. The most amazing fact about SKOON.'s skin concentrates is that despite being very concentrated, they are still super gentle and skin-friendly. A great example of a skin concentrate is a blend of Rosehip Oil enriched with one of the world's best known oil-soluble actives, Vitamin C

What is the SKOON. WHOA-TOX! concentrate range?

The WHOA-TOX! range consists of three oil-based concentrates infused with a nature's needle-free line erasure extract alternative, Acmella Flower Extract, aimed at addressing three skin concerns: 

  • Treat your ELASTICITY (wrinkles and sagging) skin concern with GLOWDROPS bouncy skin face concentrate
  • Treat UV-AGEING (sun damage) skin concern with ROSEGOLD deep tissue face concentrate
  • Treat SENSITIVITIES (red, irritated and reactive) skin concern with SUGABABE moisture matrix face concentrate

These three sublime base concentrates are natural, rich and nourishing. African wonder oils - Lesotho Rosehip, Baobab or Kalahari Melon - are blended with a skin-mimicking emollient, Squalane (from sugar), and enriched with an electrifying new active called WHOA-TOX!

What is WHOA-TOX!?

WHOA-TOX! is extracted from the Electric Daisy plant. WHOA-TOX! is rich in spilanthols and alkylamides and exhibits a natural needle-free-like effect when applied to skin. You might just go 'whoa!' when you hear that this multitasking active is also pro-collagen. WHOA-TOX! absorbs deep in the dermis where it acts to strengthen collagen and elastin bundles.

Strengthen collagen and elastin with the new active: WHOA-TOX!

Let’s have a quick refresher in Skin Essentials 101:

  • Step 1:  Get your basics (cleanser + moisturiser) in place based on your skin type. There are five main skin types: dry, oily, balanced, combination + oily-T and combination + dry patches.
  • Step 2: Once you have your basics in place, refine your routine with treatments and the extra-mile skincare (including WHOA-TOX! concentrates) to address additional skin concerns you may have.

Find the right WHOA-TOX! concentrate for your skin concern.

GLOWDROPS Bouncy skin concentrate puts the glow & bounce back if ELASTICITY (aka dull, saggy skin) is your skin concern. 

To borrow from the Proclaimers, to get GLOWDROPS with WHOA-TOX! "I would walk five hundred miles And I would walk five hundred more." GLOWDROPS targets collagen loss, sagging skin and wrinkles . 

Fight back if solar mottling pitched up one morning and UV-AGEING (aka brown age spots & sun damage) is your skin concern.

ROSEGOLD Deep tissue concentrate with WHOA-TOX! is worth its weight in gold. A rich, deep tissue blend for a u-turn effect on cumulative sun damage.

SUGABABE Moisture matrix face concentrate with WHOA-TOX! is a sweet solution for SENSITIVITIES (aka red, irritated and reactive skin). Treat yourself with SUGABABE to calm and soothe away skin irritations.

Take a proactive approach to looking after your skin before concerns arise - with SKOON.’s DNASkin Test Kit.

WHAT do you get when you buy WHOA-TOX! skin concentrates?

You get to choose from three sublime natural concentrates: GLOWDROPS, ROSEGOLD, SUGABABE.

Four options are available in three sizes: 5 ml and 15 ml and a 15 ml refill. All 3 concentrates contain an African wonder oil, phytosqualane + WHOA-TOX!

  • For ELASTICITY (wrinkles and sagging) skin concern get GLOWDROPS = 5 ml or 15 ml blend with Baobab + Squalane + WHOA-TOX!
  • For UV-AGEING (sun damage) skin concern get ROSEGOLD = 5 ml or 15 ml blend with Lesotho Rosehip + Squalane + WHOA-TOX!

For SENSITIVITIES (red, irritated and reactive) skin concern get SUGABABE = Kalahari Melon + Squalane + WHOA-TOX!

How do WHOA-TOX! skin concentrates address skin concerns?

WHOA-TOX! is the new "it" active for all your collagen needs. 

Here's why:

Oil-based concentrates are the most effective way to deliver oil-based actives. The activity of WHOA-TOX!, an oil-based active, is two-fold: 

WHOA-TOX! acts as a “pro-collagen” agent by stimulating fibroblasts to produce elastin and collagen fibres. Collagen and elastin are both protein-based fibers in your skin. Collagen is responsible for skin firmness and elastin for bounciness.

WHOA-TOX! exhibits a natural needle-free-like effect when applied topically to help improve the appearance of expression lines caused by repeated facial movement.

Let's not forget about SKOON.'s 4th concentrate

What about acne and oil? Can you treat your BREAKOUTS skin concern with an oil-based product?

Yes, absolutely! 

SKOON. has a superpowered, oil-based treatment to blitz overnight zits, and deal with blind spots and breakouts on your jaw-line. SPOTLESS Blemish spot stick is a super concentrate - it contains more than 70% high performance actives

P.S We are thinking of changing the name from 'Spot stick' to 'vanishing wand' because SPOTLESS is such an effective acne treatment.

Shop SKOON. skin concentrates

Try our skin concentrates with WHOA-TOX! + oil-based blends of natural plant oils enriched with oil-soluble actives. Help keep skin plump + firm (ELASTICITY); treats sun damage (UV-AGEING) and soothes red, irritated and reactive (SENSITIVITIES) skin.

Reduce, reuse & recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle are three key concepts which drive and motivate SKOON.'s sustainable commitment. Starting with a conscious design concept, we chose packaging for our three sublime concentrates with the lowest environmental impact: for this reason, we use eco-friendly, 100% recyclable glass, added refill options (to lower the carbon footprint) and chose bottles whose components are easy to separate and easy to recycle.