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Unlock the Secret to Flawless, Even-Toned Beauty with Our 3-Step HYPERPIGMENTATION Approach!

Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and embrace the magic of a beautifully even-toned complexion with our revolutionary 3-Step HYPERPIGMENTATION Approach. Target sunspots, dark marks, and blemish scars with precision and reveal your true glow.

Step 1: Prevent & Protect

Embrace the power of prevention and protection with our specialized products that shield your skin from UV damage and harmful elements. Our potent formulas effectively minimise the occurrence of dark spots, providing a solid defence against hyperpigmentation.

Step 2: Repair

Witness the magic of repair as our collection enhances cell turnover and works to fade existing dark spots. Experience the transformative effects as blemish scars gradually fade, revealing a radiant, even-toned complexion that glows with confidence.

Step 3: Be Pro-active

Unlock the secret to proactive skincare with our Be Pro-active step. Maintain your skin's radiance and proactively target hyperpigmentation, ensuring that your complexion remains flawless and blemish-free.

Embrace the Power of Radiant, Blemish-Free Skin!

It's time to say goodbye to hyperpigmentation and embrace the magic of a beautifully even-toned complexion. Unveil your true glow and unlock the secret to flawless, even-toned beauty that radiates with confidence.  

Unlock the Secret to Flawless, Even-Toned Beauty:

It's time to embrace the power of proactive skincare and indulge in the transformative effects of our 3-Step HYPERPIGMENTATION Approach. Discover the magic of a radiant, blemish-free complexion that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful, day after day.

🎨 Fun Fact: Get ready for a skincare adventure like never before with our 3-Step Approach: Prevent & Protect, Repair, and Be Pro-active! 🚀✨ It's like having your very own superhero squad for your skin, working in perfect harmony to keep breakouts at bay and unveil your clearest, radiant complexion. Think of it as a skincare mission - Prevent & Protect defends your skin from blemishes, Repair swoops in to heal and nurture, while Be Pro-active keeps those pesky breakouts in check. Together, they form the ultimate powerhouse, leaving you feeling like the hero of your skincare journey. Embrace the magic of our 3-Step Approach and get ready to unleash your clearest, breakout-free skin! 🌿🦸‍♀️🌟

The SKOON. HYPERPIGMENTATION Trial kit comes with:

o 2 ml WOW WOW WONDER 3-Hyaluron & Vitamin C Face Serum
o 5 ml HAPPY FLORA Microbiome face cream
o 5 ml RETININ Resurfacing face cream
o 3.5 g OH SHERBET! Exfoliating face mask
o 2 ml SUNNYBONANI Day defence sun cream SPF 40+
o 2 ml TINTERBELL Colour-Me-Perfect Booster Drops

Buy SKOON. HYPERPIGMENTATION Trial Kit online today!

What is it?


Melanin should be evenly produced by your skin. Sun damage, hormones, genes, acne, inflammation, to name a few, can all trigger uneven melanin production. When this happens we get uneven areas of darker coloured skin on our face, neck and décolletage.


These uneven marks and splotches are called hyperpigmentation.

There is no quick solution to address hyperpigmentation. This collection aims to increase cell turnover and remove existing marks as well as minimise melanin overproduction for even-toned skin. Target your sunspots + post-acne marks with a 3-step HYPERPIGMENTATION approach: prevent & protect, repair + be proactive.


Hero ingredients

Prevents & Protects (UV-light)  – Zinc Oxide + Titanium Dioxide

Prevents (topical melanin suppressant) – Azeleic Acid + Phytic Acid + Vitamin C 

Repairs (exfoliates) – Azeleic Acid + Vitamin A + White Willow Bark

Prevents + Repairs (ingestible) - Verbascoside + Glutathione + Astaxanthin + Co-enzyme Q10 + Green Rooibos + Honeybush, Pterostilbene + Resveratrol + Turmeric (super-antioxidants)

EVERYDAY essentials

WOW-WOW WONDER 3-Hyaluron & Vitamin C Face Serum

WOW-WOW WONDER Triple blend of Buchu, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid to boost moisture and brighten skin tone.

HAPPY FLORA Microbiome Balancing Face Cream

HAPPY FLORA Creamy, microbiome-friendly cream with Baobab, Swiss Yoghurt and Prebiotics for improved resilience and hydration.

SHADE SHIFTER Sun Defence Booster

SKOON. SHADE SHIFTER Sun Defence Booster Combo

Experience a sun protection revolution with our SHADE SHIFTER Sun Defence Booster Combo. This dynamic duo redefines sun care, ensuring your skin stays protected, glowing, and uniquely yours.

RETININ Resurfacing Face Cream



Resurfacing treatment cream with Vitamin A stimulates new collagen bundles and improves skin elasticity.


Be proactive with a HYPERPIGMENTATION beauty supplement containing 44 building blocks to maintain of antioxidant status of the skin (type 1 hydrolysed Marine Collagen, Glutathione, Verbascoside).

OH SHERBET! Azeleic Acid 10% Exfoliating Clay Mask

OH SHERBET Easy-to-use exfoliating mask with Azeleic Acid, a Prebiotic and Pink Clay for complete action pore refining, clearing and exfoliating.