GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream

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Experience the Ultimate Hydration and Oil Control for Your Skin: Introducing SKOON. GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream – Your Go-To Solution for Oily + Sensitive Skin!

Are you tired of battling oily skin while seeking the perfect balance of hydration and control? Look no further – SKOON. GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream is here to revolutionise your skincare routine. Say goodbye to sticky skin feel and hello to a lightweight, non-comedogenic hydrator that's designed to transform your oily skin into a canvas of clarity and radiance.

Discover the Power of GINGER LILY:

All-In-One Moisture Bomb: Embrace the magic of an all-in-one moisture bomb that's specially crafted to hydrate and control oily skin. This gel-cream is your secret weapon for banishing the 11 o'clock shine and keeping your oily forehead in check.

Rapid Absorption: Watch as our oil-control face gel-cream rapidly absorbs into your skin, leaving no sticky residue behind. It's a lightweight marvel that lets you enjoy a clear, fresh complexion without any unwanted heaviness.

Nature's Goodness: Immerse your skin in the goodness of African Ginger, Zinc, and Hyaluronic Acid. These powerful actives work in harmony to regulate excess sebum production, promote a clear complexion, and strengthen your skin's barrier.

Elevate Your Skincare Routine:

SKOON. GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream isn't just skincare – it's a transformative experience that empowers you to take control of your oily, sensitive, and blemish-prone skin. With every application, you're embracing the power of nature's finest actives to reveal a complexion that's beautifully balanced, clear, and hydrated.


 🎨 Fun Fact 1: Did you know? Our Oil Control Face Gel-Cream is like a thrilling expedition through the heart of Africa! Packed with the magic of African Ginger, Zinc PCA, and Quora Noni, it's a true adventure for your skin. Picture this unique trio working together in perfect harmony, delivering a dose of freshness that tames excess oil like a boss. Embrace the wonder of these exotic ingredients and say hello to a shine-free, happy face that's ready to conquer the day. Get ready for an African escapade like no other, right in the comfort of your skincare routine! 🌿🦓

🎨 Fun Fact 2: Discover 'airless technology': It's not just about looks, it's a skincare game-changer. Traditional containers expose products to air, but airless tech dispenses precisely, safeguarding freshness from oxygen and contaminants. Your skincare stays potent, effective, and ready to love your skin. It's not just packaging; it's brilliance! 🌬️🧡✨


Dermatologically Tested and Safe for Sensitive Skin

How to use GINGER LILY Face Cream

Refillable Beauty - Environmentally-Conscious Packaging

SKOON is on a journey to increase sustainability and reduce waste

SKOON. Loves Earth: Buy, Refill, Recycle….Repeat.

Introducing refillable glass airless pump. Refill up to 25X and once used, recycle the glass and refill cartridges. 

Read more about SKOON.’s NEW Environmentally-Conscious Packaging.

How do you know if you have oily skin?

Introducing the Oily Skin Checker:

  • Do you experience excessive shine, especially in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin)?
  • Do you have visibly larger pores, particularly in the T-zone area?
  • Do you experience frequent and persistent breakouts?
  • Is your skin by 11 o'clock?

Then the answer is, yes! You have oily skin.

Pick the best moisturising face cream for oily skin

Pick GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream - a lightweight, non-comedogenic hydrator that ticks all the boxes:

1. Packed with hydrators
2. Contains oil-control actives.
3. Suitable for oily, sensitive and blemish-prone skin.

What is the best face cream for oily + sensitive and blemish-prone skin?

You guessed it... GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream

Tested by a dermatologist as safe for sensitive skin. Say goodbye to oily, blemish-prone and sensitive skin. You will never look back, pinky promise.

Hero ingredients

While you might struggle with excess oil, the oily skin type still needs the right hydration to support the skin barrier and keep excess sebum under control. These are our hero ingredients for keeping your skin balanced and glowing.

PROTECT Moisture Content I Hyaluronic Acid 

REPAIR Skin Barrier I Ceramide III + Pomegranate Sterols + Organic Shea Butter 

PROACTIVELY Control Oil I Real Zinc + Quora Noni

Oily + Sensitive, and Acne Prone Skin Type Daily AM + PM Routine

DAILY AM I PM: ELASTICITY All-in-one Marine Collagen Smoothie: Stir 1 sachet into 100 - 200 ml of water or juice or add to your favourite fruit smoothie. Optional: add some crushed ice.

AM Routine

1. Apply a coin-sized amount of WHITEWASH Purifying Clay Cleanser on damp skin. Add moisture and lightly massage before removing excess cleanser with a muslin facecloth soaked in lukewarm water. Splash skin with clean water.


- Drop one PIXIE DUST NanoPillow into the cupped palm of your clean, dry hand by gently tapping the container with your finger. 

- Activate PIXIE DUST NanoPillow Serum in the palm of your hand using 4-6 spritzes of SKOON. SKIN PJ’s Activator face mist

- Be sure to spritz directly onto the NanoPillow.

- Spritz the entire face with SKIN PJ’s Activator face mist. 

- Wait a few seconds, then mix with fingertips until the NanoPillow serum has completely dissolved into a clear liquid with a slightly sticky consistency. 

- Using fingertips, apply the activated liquid serum onto your face and then massage until fully absorbed and dried.

3. Dab SPOTLESS Blemish spot stick roller ball directly on bumps and blemishes.

4. Smooth a dollop of GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream onto clean skin. For intense nourishment, add 1-2 drops of concentrate to a dollop of moisture gel, blend in the palm of your hand and apply. 

5. Include Sunnybonani SPF 20 at end of AM routine.

PM Routine

1. Scoop a small quantity of OH SHERBET! Exfoliating face mask in a bowl, add water drop by drop until you have a smooth paste. Paint the mask directly onto clean skin, taking care around the delicate eye area. The mask will change from blush to a solid white and may tingle slightly. Leave on for another 5-8 minutes before rinsing off with water and a muslin facecloth.

2. Smooth a dollop of GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream onto clean skin. For intense nourishment, add 1-2 drops of concentrate to a dollop of moisture gel, blend in the palm of your hand and apply. 

3. Dab SPOTLESS Blemish spot stick roller ball directly on bumps and blemishes.

Buy GINGER LILY Face Cream from SKOON. Today!

Experience the ultimate solution for oily, sensitive skin - SKOON. GINGER LILY Oil Control Face Gel-Cream. Banish shine and embrace all-day hydration. Buy now and reveal your best skin yet!